Awww…the sweet, sweet sound of music.

Years ago, I had a friend at the time give me a mix CD that contained about 15 songs from bands and singers that I have never would have thought that I would have never listened to.  The CD contained bands The Walkman, Phantom Planet, and the singer/songwriter Ryan Adams.

This CD changed the way I saw, and heard music.  The way the music blasted thru the speakers of my walkman, and car stereo just gave me a better appreciation of what else was out there other than what was played on the local radio stations.  I never imagined that there’s so much music out there that wasn’t discovered by the masses.

From that moment on, I made it a point to explore music.  See what other influences would sweep me away.  See what other types of music was out there. 

As I started the journey to finding great music, I started realizing that there was alot of great music that came from the city that started to court me with its opportunities, its vibe-Dayton.  I started to dive into bands like Guided By Voices.

(courtesy of

I remember the first album I bought from them.  The CD was called ‘Do The Collapse’.  The first song that came through the speakers was ‘Teenage FBI’.  Immediately, I was hooked.  I needed more.  So, I went to the local record shops and snatched up all their albums.  I couldn’t believe that this music was being sung and played from a band in a town in Ohio that wasn’t Columbus.  Their approach to music, was many considered their sound to be post-British rock, progressive rock, garage rock was simply poetic.  Robert Pollard’s lyrics became gospel to me.  My love for local music was born after hearing ‘Do The Collapse’.

For many years now, I have enjoyed going around Dayton, and hearing local talent.   I love going to the little hole-in-the-wall establishments, kicking up some cheap beers, and hearing bands and solo acts play music as if they were playing at a sold-out coliseum or arena.  The bands and solo acts have ranged from all kinds of genres.  They all have one thing in common-they don’t care where they are at…they just enjoy playing music.

So recently, I was with some good friends at South Park Tavern, and it was open mic night.  Watching people go up and perform made me appreciate the moment that I was being a part of.  And that got me to thinking-what if there was a way that I could develop a platform for this people to show their music.  Yes…myspace and Facebook are good sites to post stuff, but what if we develop a site where we can get deep into the music.  Meet with the bands and solo acts.  Hear their stories about when they started playing, where they want to go musically, etc.  The Dayton Scene became born.

I want you to have the experience of seeing and reading about local talent here in the great city of Dayton.  Throughout this journey, I will write blogs about local talent.  We will interview them, post their music, and give you the chance to see what Dayton has to offer.  We will explore all genres of music.  We want to meet people who have been fans of the bands and solo acts.  What makes them so devoted to the music?!  We want to give you the feeling that I experienced when I first received that CD full of music that I would never experienced. 

Also with this blog, we want to explore Dayton as a whole.  We want to show you the spots that you should be checking out.  We want to meet local business people.  Try to local coffee brews.  Try the local food.  Whats the best to go to get a good beer?!  Whats the best place to get a slice of pizza?!  We want to go and find out.

In the summer/fall, we hope to start our own website that will contain all the blog posts, a podcast, and upcoming events of bands and solo acts highlighted. 

This is just the start of something epic.  So, we hope that will continue to come here and read about what is happening in the great place of Dayton.

Follow us on Twitter:  and Like us on Facebook:  The Dayton Scene

First act will be featured soon!  Stay tuned boys and girls!

Thank you, and keep the music going…


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