Coffee is what gets most people in this great country going. Most people who drink coffee will fire up their coffee pots at home the minute they wake up from the previous night’s sleep.  Some people drink coffee throughout the day to keep them going. Others tend to head over to the nearest coffee establishment (Starbucks, Saxbys).

One coffee shop that stands out above the rest is a little shop in the South Park District in Dayton.  The shop is called Ghostlight Coffee.   Located on Wayne Ave, Ghostlight Coffee has emerged as one of the premier places to venture off to for coffee lovers.

Back in November, two dear friends of mine asked me to meet up at Ghostlight for a cup of coffee.  I have been hearing about this coffee shop for a couple of months previously thru other friends.   I also heard about it from overhearing people discuss it at the local watering holes.  The talk about this shop was it was going to be a place that will set itself apart from the other coffee shops around town.  It intrigued me to hear this.  How can you set yourself apart from the typical shop, I wondered.

As I walked into Ghostlight that evening, it hit me right away that this wasn’t your typical coffee shop.  The dim lighting made the vibe warm, inviting.  You felt like you have been here millions of times.  It was comfortable.   It didn’t have that huge corporate feeling that you get sometimes with places-same design, same layout, couches thrown around the building, people not talking, etc.  This place was different.  This place felt like you can sit down right next to a complete stranger, and strike up a conversation.  I knew that this place was going to be a place that I would be coming to a lot.

Ghostlight Coffee has a vintage feel to it.  Almost like its been around for 50-plus years.   The exposed brick with the steel vents going across the ceiling and going up and down make the shop feel like a studio apartment.  The baristas are a joy to watch.  They make each cup of coffee is made with precision.  It’s like watching a master chef make their signature meal.  These baristas take pride in their work.  They make each cup of coffee special.   The baristas are very kind.  They strike up conversations with you as they are making the coffee.  In no way do you feel like that interaction between the two of you feels like there are teeth being ripped out of the mouth.  It’s like you two have been friends for some time.  They love seeing you.  You love hearing how the day is going for them.  Incredible.

The coffee itself-phenomenal.  Each ground of coffee has its own unique taste.  All the flavors in the coffee hits your mouth all at once.  One of my favorites has become the iced mocha.  Its unique taste makes Ghostlight Coffee separate from everyone else.  Not a coffee drinker?!  That’s fine.  Ghostlight also serves tea.

(Image via Ghostlight Coffee)

Ghostlight Coffee also stands out by the hometown love they have.  There are posters and flyers scattered all over sections of the building of upcoming events in town, and at the shop itself.  When you check out their Facebook page, they talk about locals doing big things.  It’s not forced.  It’s not fake.  Its refreshing.  It’s what makes what I am doing even more exciting.  To know that local businesses are looking out for one another.

Ghostlight Coffee is here to stay for many years to come.  In the short time the coffee shop has been open, the shop has become the place to come to for good company, low-key atmosphere, and of course-excellent coffee.

We will be highlighting Ghostlight Coffee a lot on the blog, and when we get the podcast going in the spring/summer.

Ghostlight Coffee is located on 1201 Wayne Ave, Dayton, Ohio.  Check them out at


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