As part of this project, we will be talking about shows that we went to from the previous night and/or weekend, and give you a little taste of what we experienced.  This is will be very appropriate recap of the show, and in no way become one sided.  Everyone has different tastes in stuff, including music.  I want to make sure that this blog (and podcast in the near future) gives you a look into what we are seeing.  I want to approach it as ‘a fly on the wall’ concept.  As you read the blog, I want you to gather your own opinion. If I do go a little bit one-sided, I apologize in advance.

Our first show took us to the Oregon Express.  The Oregon Express is located at the Oregon District, right next to Omega Music.  The Oregon Express, are also known to many as the “OE”, has been all kinds of establishments previously than what it is today.  From being a corner grocery store, to actually being a place for bootlegging, the old pub still has its charm and vintage feel a century later. One of its many cool characteristics is that you can still hear the creaks when you take a step on the wooden floors.

On March 31st, three bands took the small stage in the small pub.  The bands performing on this night were Go Robot Go!, The Rebel Set, and The State Line.  The Rebel Set was one of the first local bands that I started listening to for the website, and has been very generous to be giving the website a little love.  Go Robot Go! is a local band that stems from the state capital, Columbus.  The State Line helms from the good city of Cincinnati.

First up-Go Robot Go!

Go Robot Go! had set up an interesting stage presence.  At the middle of the stage, they placed an old school television set.  The television set was one that came from the days of the 1960s.  I had visions of being in that time, sitting around and watching The Ed Sullivan Show.

Go Robot Go! started their set.  Their music had the feel of Flaming Lips, with a splash of Beach Boys.  Both styles very interesting by themselves.  To see both influences flow together seemed effortlessly to the band.  And if the two influences weren’t good enough, they add a little something to their sound-they incorporate a robotic sound (yes-robotic sound) to their songs.  The lead singer was magnificent.  He had this smooth, laid back, care free presence that was refreshing.  He cracked some jokes in between songs.  Go Robot Go! ended each song with a little jingle that I am still trying to figure out.  Nice job, boys.  Nice job.

The next band to play was The Rebel Set.  I was really excited about these guys.  Their two albums have been in constant rotation in my CD player.  The albums had a southern rock feel to some songs mixed with a blend of new wave, country, and (my opinion) a little bit of big band sound.  It’s a band that deserves attention from the beginning to the end of their albums.  Talking to some of the people in the crowd that night, they informed me that I wasn’t going to be disappointed with the show I am about to witness.

And the people were right.

Right at the start, The Rebel Set grabbed me.  The 5-piece band played with as much emotion as I have ever seen a band play with.  The crowd was into each word being sung.  Southern rock starting flowing out in each of the instruments being played.  Trumpets and trombones only added to the feel of electricity overtaking the room.  I kept texting my friends and wife telling them that this show was simply one word-epic.  The Rebel Set only wetted my appetite more when they played ‘Sweet Caroline’-one of my all-time favorite songs.

The first two acts of the night blew off the ceiling of the old establishment. All of us in the crowd just sat there for a moment to decompress what we were being a part of.  These shows don’t happen all the time.  Not every show is this good.  This night proved one thing to myself-what I am doing is amazing.  This journey that I am on-this road to show what makes Dayton terrific-was happening at OE.  And we still had one more band to take in.  Could the crowd take another shot of adrenaline?!  Could this night be any more perfect?  We were about to find out.


The State Line came out and sealed the night.  With just a couple of shows under their belt, the band didn’t seem to show any nerves.  The raw passion of the music grabbed everyone.  It was a great blend of indie rock with a splash of twang to it.   Almost Wilco like.  The band would have a dreamy feel to them, and then hit you with the crash of the guitar and drums.  I felt as if my soul just floated away during the set.  Not every band does that.  The State Line did, and didn’t even apologize.  And the crowd was totally okay with that.

I walked out of the Oregon Express that night after seeing Go Robot Go!, The Rebel Set, and The State Line as if I just went thru a revival.  Each band complemented each other.

The night convinced me that this is going to be start of something beautiful…


Upcoming shows for both bands (as of submitting this blog):

Go Robot Go!

None available

The Rebel Set

April 14, 2012 @10 (Kick Cancer Ass Benefit Show (w/ Shrug, Sam at Eleven!)—Blind Bob’s 430 E. 5th Street  $5 Cover

April 21, 2012 @Noon (Record Store Day)


The State Line

None avilable


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