April 21st is Record Store Day.  Throughout the day, record stores will celebrate what makes music great.  Here in Dayton, Omega Music and The Record Gallery (both located at the Oregon District) will have live music from local bands all day and night, and will have special vinyl and CD releases.

This is also a day that we able to celebrate what makes places like the record shop special.  With the growth of iTunes in the past 10-plus years, people have gradually stopped coming to the local record shop to buy music.  Just a few clicks of the mouse, you have a substantial amount of music to choose from.  People can click and choose what they want.

What people forget is how remarkable and enchanting a record store truly is.  Imagine not being able to experience walking into a record store ever again.  The feeling of going to some big corporation and buying music isn’t charming.  It feels cold. You try to talk to people there, but no one really knows anything.  Correction—they know what’s being played on mainstream radio.   Record stores, on the other hand, have people that work there and know their stuff.  It’s refreshing to go and talk to people that share the same passion with music as you do.

The record store is a place where you go to unearth all kinds of different music.  A journey towards discovering music that you never thought was there.  You scroll thru the sections of bins marked ‘$4.99’, and you may discover something majestic.  There are no words to express that moment when you pick up vinyl.  The feel, the sound of it.  I love hearing the crackle of the needle on the record.  Listen to Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’ on vinyl.  Then tell me that you don’t get chills.  If you don’t, then have missed its charm completely.

Record Store Day is a day to embrace those deep connections that we have with the local shop.  If you haven’t been to a record store as of late, April 21st is the day to do it.  Rekindle those fond memories of the days when you went to grab the latest music to come out.  Revisit friendships that you created when you spend hours and hours at the shop, just standing around and talking about music.  Also while you are at the record shop, buy some local music.  Support the local scene.  There is great music being played here in town.  See for yourself.

If you haven’t ever been to a record shop, April 21st is the perfect day to go to one.  Dayton is pretty fortunate to have two shops that have a wide range of music that anybody is looking for.  Go to the Omega Music and The Record Gallery, and take in the history all around the buildings.  Check out the selection of vinyl that the stores have to offer.  Find music that you have never thought that you would hear.  April 21st is a day to celebrate music.  It’s a day to celebrate that no matter what happens to record stores, they are always going to survive…


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