Imagine a time when you have felt like everything you loved was gone within a split second.  Imagine the pain and anguish of being alone, with the thoughts and feelings of feelings that come with it.  The depression takes a stranglehold on you, and refuses to loosen its grasp.  Local filmmaker Henrique Couto has dove into this topic in his latest piece, ‘Bleeding Through’.


(Movie Poster)

Henrique’s previous works have all gone down the same road-humor mixed with shock, followed by gallons of blood splashed everywhere.  One great example is one of Henrique’s earlier works ‘Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches’.  The movies Couto writes and directs are brilliant mircos that don’t take themselves seriously.  There’s charm to them.  With ‘Bleeding Through’, all that goes out the window.

The movie is about a young student named Lindsey.  Lindsey and her brother have experienced a traumatic experience two years prior with the death of their parents due to a car accident.  The accident has shaken Lindsey and her brother to the core.  Lindsey barely speaks to anybody.  She sits around at the house that her family once all lived in.  She sits alone, letting the loss of her mom and dad suffocate her.  Her boyfriend tries to get close to her emotionally and physically.  However, she has nothing to do with his advances.  It’s obvious that the strain has crept in, and her boyfriend leaves.  She starts flunking out of a class.  Her teacher offers to help, but later in the movie you notice that comes with a price.  Her boss at her job is not happy with her work performance.  He wants her to have the work ethic as of the ones that were once in the same position as her.  And to top it all off-Lindsey’s brother has given her two weeks to leave the house.  They can’t afford the payments, and they need to sell the house.  The life that Lindsey lives is rancid.  Everything is getting worse before it gets better.

When all seems lost, a young girl named Katie comes to Lindsey’s world.  Katie notices that Lindsey needs to talk to someone, and to possibly spend some time with.  While Lindsey doesn’t seem too stimulated by Katie’s appearance to her life, she starts to open up.  The girls have an immediate connection.  They enjoy hanging out, and visiting graveyards.  Katie is the first person in a long period of time that Lindsey can feel at ease with.  The girls start to clearly have feelings for one another.  When Lindsey opens up about her feelings to Katie, it doesn’t go well.  What happens next is a downward spiral that will take Lindsey to a place that forever change her life and the people around.

Throughout the movie, Henrique gives the viewer such an in-depth look into all the characters.  Lindsey’s brother has having a difficult time trying to not cope with his parent’s death, but also struggling with dealing with Lindsey.  He doesn’t know how to talk to her.  He doesn’t know how to lead her towards moving on.  As a viewer, you start to feel for not only Lindsey, but the brother as well.  Henrique shows homemade videos of the parents throughout the movie.  The videos show the months before and after Lindsey was born, and the high/lows of their relationship.  It’s heartbreaking to see all these people.  You want them to escape this hell that they found themselves in.  You want Lindsey to just come to grips with the fact that her folks are gone.  You want her to rise above the sadness and move forward.  You want to see Lindsey’s brother feel gratified that he helped his sister through this ordeal.  You want to see Katie give Lindsey that reassurance that there is actually good people in this world.  Sadly, it doesn’t happen.

This is Henrique Couto’s best work to date.  The writing and directing have become crisper.  It’s obvious that he has been doing his homework by watching his previous work and seeing where things could be improved at.  While some people just lean on what they have been doing time after time, he went the other way, and it paid off.  I look forward to seeing where Henrique goes from here.  Watching ‘Bleeding Through’ showed that he is just getting started.

For more info about the movie (which will be released on DVD early next year), go to



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