Dayton is always been appreciative towards bands that aren’t from town.  Indie rockers The Seedy Seeds call Cincinnati home.  However, the band is beloved around these parts.  Having been around the music scene as of late, you take notice that Dayton embrace new acts that come into town.

One Eyed Jacks will be having their weekly RnR Play Date Sundays.  Jay Madewell and Joshua Egeland, who are part of the local music group Dirty/Clean, play regular keys/synth, and drums with anyone that wants to perform a 25 minute set.  Some weeks, the night will feature bands that come and play from outside of town.

This week’s featured band is a band that everyone should be keeping an eye is Fresh Wreckage.  Fresh Wreckage is a 5 piece band that helm from the state capital of Columbus, Ohio.

Before Fresh Wreckage became who they are today, three of the band members (Bobbi Townes on vocals, Brandon Chapman on guitar, and Harold Townes on drums) started their voyage together at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center.  The three were brought together by music through their music teacher.  The band’s name was Necessity.  The music covered the map, from Top 40 radio hits to rock.  The band even dipped their toes into country music.

Necessity performed across town at various clubs and venues.  During the band’s set, they would change the songs around to make it their own.  It sparked the trio’s interest so much by experimenting with the songs so much that they decided to start writing their own music.  The band enlisted bassist/vocalist Matt Seward II and keyboardist Charles Beacham to join the band to add more texture to the band.   Once the group finalized everything, the name changed to Fresh Wreckage.

The band still has kept to their true sound-catchy lyrics with a real rock feel.  It’s a perfect blend of different styles.  Currently, Fresh Wreckage is soon to be releasing an EP soon.  For right now, the band is embarking on focusing on cementing their footprint on the Columbus music scene, and branching out to the Midwest.  Harold Townes mentioned to me in an email that the band is currently on a tour they affectionately called the ‘Get Acquainted Tour’.  “We pick a nearby city, head to an open mic session, then transform it into an intimate mini-concert. The Get Acquainted Tour is a fun way for us to “get acquainted” with fans and for them to “get acquainted” with us”, Harold explained.

Sunday night at One Eyed Jacks will be a night that everyone needs to go and see for themselves.  For an experience that you soon won’t forget, Fresh Wreckage will make sure that happens.

To follow the band, like them on Facebook, Twitter(@freshlywrecked), watch some of their videos of YouTube, and join them on Tumblr.  The band is set to perform at 11 on Sunday night at One Eyed Jacks, which is located across Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio.

Here’s their new single from their upcoming EP.  Enjoy…


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