Local filmmaker Henrique Couto has had quite the last couple of months.  In July, he released his psychological thriller, ‘Bleeding Through’.  Currently, he is directing another film that he is keeping under wraps.  In between these two movies, he directed and filmed a movie that is different from the other movies that he has worked on.  Henrique is diving into the world of comedy with his newest, ‘Depression: The Movie’.

Henrique Couto has been working on films for most of his life.  He started working on his own TV programs on Cable Access at the age of 12.  He then moved onto DV filmmaking at 15. When he was old enough to drive, he packed his bags and moved to New Jersey to work at a production studio for a period of time.  At the production studio he would work on post-production and also went to conventions to help promote upcoming movies.  Years in the production studio passed, and Henrique felt it was time to move on and do something else.  So, he moved back to Ohio and noticed something-acceptance.  “Dayton really seems to be the place for me, lots of supportive and creative people to work with”, Henrique explained to me.  It’s true. The people are always willing to help out their own.  It’s one of the best traits here in town.

In 2003, Henrique’s directed ‘HeadCheese’, a video about a group of filmmakers attempting to make a movie when a killer starts killing them one by one.  In 2004, he directed another video, ‘Slumber Party Murder Mania’.  For the next couple of years, Henrique directed shorts in the ‘Faces of Schlock’ series.  His first full length movie, ‘Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches’, centers on the title character and his fight against the vampires that have come to take over his town.  All of these videos and film had a certain charm to them that was sneaky.  They have a sarcasm to them that gives them a sense that it’s a fun movie to watch, but be careful-they will get you with the scare factor.

The fun, silly factor went out the window and didn’t come back with his movie that was released in July, ‘Bleeding Through’.  The movie centered on Lindsey, a college student that has a lot of emotional damage come to her in waves.  Her parents are passed on due to an accident, and now her brother and she have to move out of the house.  Her boyfriend is tired of not being shown any intimacy.  And she doesn’t have any friends.  Things change briefly for Lindsey when a girl she meets changes her life.  However, as the movie shows you, things don’t go as planned.  It was a complete change of direction for Henrique with ‘Bleeding Through’.

‘Depression: The Movie’ centers around four characters that are going through their lives that aren’t perfect.  Lenny loves every woman that he meets.  Bruce’s dad is destroying his life by simply doing nothing.  Bill’s divorce has got him trying to find out how you love after such a horrible event.  George’s older sister is letting her babysit.  She just wants to prove that she isn’t a screw-up.  Through these characters issues, they try to get through the obstacle that is their lives.  While you may think the movie sounds sad, the humor will come in with seeing how the characters change and ultimately find their way, hopefully.

With ‘Depression’ set to be released, Henrique will be unveiling a movie that has been a passion project for him.  He has paid for everything out of his own pocket.  Luckily, Henrique has had some help from friends from other movies come in and become just as passionate as he is for the movie by donating their time.  Also, Henrique had a lot of great local music donate music for the movie.  Bands like Sleep Fleet, Jasper the Colossal will be sprinkled throughout the film.

Henrique Couto is still on his way to making brilliant films.  And Henrique knows this.  He knows that you are only as good as the work before you.  His goals are simple-make three films a year, and continue to press the boundaries on his work.  With the outstanding reveiws and support for ‘Bleeding Through’, and seeing previews on ‘Depression’ has only made a lot of people ready to see the film.  It looks like it’s going to be a fun time watching these characters explore why their lives are in a sad state.

‘Depression: The Movie’ will be having its world premiere at Englewood Cinemas on September 21st at 9:30.  Tickets will be on sale for $8. No one under 18 will be admitted.  Go to Facebook and search for Depression: The Movie or go to http://freakproductions.net/depression/purchase.html for more info, including pre-ordering a copy of the movie for DVD.

Here’s an advance trailer of the movie.  Come out and support local filmmaking…


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