Before anything gets underway, I have to say something…


Alright, it has been awhile since I have been on here.  That will change starting with this piece. 

A couple of years ago…I had an amazing idea that would give me the chance of a lifetime.  I started the groundwork of developing a vision of mine-create a website that would make me go all around Dayton, and write about the sights and sounds that the town had to offer.  Give an insider’s look as to what I was witnessing.  Document what was transpiring.  Display a picture of the events I was attending.  Present to the public some of the unique businesses that occupy the city.  I saw what the town had with its unique style, and I wanted to shed some light for the individuals who still were skeptics.

A couple of years ago…I had no idea where this road was going to take me.  All I knew was that by embarking on this journey, something special could materialize.

A couple of years ago…I took a deep breath, ripped off the rearview mirror, and haven’t looked back since.

As of late…I’m witnessing a dream slowly start to take shape.  Watching it grow each and every day.  You put in the work that is needed to make a dream a reality.  What I didn’t realize is how this concept I have created would forever change my life. 

As of late…I have been doing a large amount of writing on the music scene in the city.  I try to attend shows frequently, and being witness to numerous musical acts who take the stage in the various establishments. Each show brings its own distinct flare to the table.  Every set produces its own story.  I and everyone that isn’t on the stage are part of history, regardless of the size of the event.

As of late…I have had the pleasure these past couple of years to go and breed remarkable relationships with people all around town.  Each band and artist that I have come across each possesses their own voyage.  I have been allowed to come into their inner circles and become part of it.

As of late…This ride that I am on right now is beyond anything that I thought would be happening at this moment.  To be able to express and explain what I am feeling wouldn’t even come close to what is reality. 

And here’s the crazy thing-the surface has just only been scratched…


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