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The 500 foot dinosaur-like creature that has rough, bumpy gray scales and  a long tail that could wipe out buildings with a single swipe.  The lizard that has terrorized Japan and the world will once again come to instigate havoc on the mainland.

The Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse will be presenting the musical parody of GODZILLA!, written by Corrie Van Ausdal in collaboration with Phillip and Gordon Reynolds and musician Blaze Wright.  The show will begn  starting tonight at the Glen Building in Yellow Springs.

For those who aren’t aware of the story involving Godzilla, the story begins in the island called Lagos Island.  By surviving the extinction of the dinosaurs, Godzilla mutated to be the its size by the nuclear fallout of atomic bomb tests performed on the island near Lagos Island called Rongerik.  Godzilla was awakened when an American hydrogen bomb was tested in the Pacific Ocean.  The large monster made its way toward Tokyo, with the goal of destroying much of the city.  The fictional character was conceived and came to the big screen for the first time in 1954.  Since then, Godzilla has become a huge phenomenon in the entire monster movies ever created.  In the Japanese pop culture, Godzilla is still widely popular and is still one most recognizable feature.

The Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse was founded in 1995 and was a summer theater experience for the youth.  The playhouse started commissioning original musicals from playwrights regional and nationally couple of years later.  The mission is simple-develop youth who are interested in being future actors, leaders, patrons, and audiences and enhance art awareness in the community.  To achieve this, they will do it through the education of arts and the creation of original multimedia theater for youth.  Over 1200 youths have participated in the productions, with some going off to becoming professionals in theatre and performing arts.

 GODZILLA! centers around the 500 foot monster rising from the sea and destroying everything that gets in its way.  The cast of teens and young adults will travel around the world, risking their lives and hoping the save all mankind.  The play will feature visual effects by local graphic artist Zane Reichert, as well as live sound effects and music directed by Xavier Suarez.  Also part of the production are Bear Wright, Duard Headley and Sumayah Chappelle.  Along with these folks are  musicians Sam Salazar and Jason McClean , sound effects creator Maddie Allen, Assistant Director/Antioch student Hannah Craig, and Stage Manager Amy Cunningham.  All of the  performances will also showcase a one-night only celebrity guest star.

GODZILLA! will be taking over Yellow Springs starting tonight at Glen Building, which is located at 405 Corry Street.  The performance dates and times are:

February 8th @ 7pm

February 9th @ 3pm

February 14th @ 7pm

February 15th @ 7pm & 10pm

Tickets $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and students.


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