Imagine living in a quiet neighborhood. You see that you are some folks are going to be moving next to you. Just a few, young gentlemen… who happen to be part of a frat. Neighbors centers around a couple, Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) Radner who are clearly missing the days of old, when their newborn wasn’t in the picture. When they notice the new frat pledges moving in they decide to introduce themselves, dressing hip and cool… clearly far from the truth. The Radner’s simply have one request-just please be quiet due to their baby.  When that request goes out the window, the Radner’s call the police and that’s when things between the two houses get interesting. Rogen and Byrne together are simply fantastic at portraying two individuals struggling with understanding that at some point in time that are no longer those people that can go out all night. Playing the role of frat president, Zac Efron has gotten out of the High School Musical shadow by accepting roles such as these. Director Nicholas Stoller, along with writers Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien, gives Neighbors substance in the middle of all the haze of sex, drugs, and alcohol that the movie submits. Neighbors should be lined up next to the great comedy movies from before that involved fraternities.  Old School and Animal House will no question be okay with Neighbors coming by every once in a while and saying hello.


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