Matt ArbogastThe open road.

Miles and miles of paved cement that stretches and bends at every turn and direction of the United States.  When you are driving on the open road, you take in the sweeping land that is untouched.  You take in the wide-ranging view of countryside that surrounds all around you.  You roll down the windows and move one of your hands outside.  You allow the blowing wind to sway your hand all around.  You turn up the radio to the highest volume, proceed to blare your favorite song.  The people that accompany you on this journey more important to you than you will ever know.

For Matt Arbogast, the open road is therapeutic.  It allows him to escape.  Being on the open road helps take care of those voids that are needing to be filled.  “I have told my wife every couple of months, I need to get out and get on the road,” Arbogast mentions during a recent phone conversation.  “She understands (laughter).”

Arbogast too many is known to be part of the moniker The Gunshy, and he will be stopping by Dayton to play Wednesday night at the Canal Public House alongside Mean Mug, The Florals, Meridian, and Joe Anderl.

The Gunshy released their latest album, Silent Songs, back in September 2013.  The album highlights some of Arborgast’s best work to date. His tone when singing is coarse and gritty.  “The Independent” is a bombastic opener that sets the tone with roaring strings.  The heavy-toned “Getting High In Denver” features some of remarkable and compelling storytelling.  Silent Songs emphasizes throughout the album that you need to keep living your life to the fullest and love every moment.

Arbogast grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania-right in the heart of Amish Country.  10 years ago, Arbogast started to notice that his music playing in town has fast approaching an expiration date, and decided to move to Chicago.  “Lancaster was a great city,” he explains.  “I just wanted to go somewhere else and tryout my music there.  Have a chance at least.  I figured Chicago would be a great place to do so.”  Chicago has treated him well since then.  For starters, he met his wife at a show in town.  He has made close friends that tour and also live in the city.  He also has built a recording studio in Logan Square three years ago called 8AM.

8AM not only has the recording studio, but also the attic is used for acoustic shows and yoga classes.  “I wanted to create a space that people could record and feel relaxed,” Arborgast mentions.  “I wanted the studio to be a fun place.”  Arborgast quickly mentioned afterwards that the title of the studio is 8AM for one main reason.  “I want you to come in and get to work.  No screwing around.  We start early around here.”  Establishing 8AM in some ways even helped Arborgast become passionate about music again.  At one point-the touring became a hassle for Arborgast.  “I got a little burnt out on touring. While tours were slowly starting to get better, it can be tough playing to empty rooms most nights,” Arborgast explained.  The mentality of touring has changed now.  As mentioned earlier, Arborgast has developed the need and drive to hit the road with the band, and at times-solo.

The future is bright for Arborgast.  He plans to start recording other artists in his studio, and releasing records for other people/bands next year.  As far as new music from The Gunshy-“I want to make a simple record next,” Arborgast reveals.  “Silent Songs has so much happening.  I just threw a ton of different instruments into the album that I had laying around.  For the next album, I just want to strip it down and get back to basics.  Just make it simple.”

For now, the open road is calling.  And The Gunshy have responded.

The Gunshy, alongside Mean Mug, The Florals, Meridian, and Joe Anderl will be performing at Canal Public House Wednesday night.  8:30pm. $5 cover.

To hear more from The Gunshy, click onto


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