Tim KorenichIn a couple of days, singer/songwriter Tim Korenich will pack up his vehicle with his music gear and head back onto the road solo.  He revealed during our phone conversation that he will be performing to audiences at not only bars, but a variety of house shows that will also feature other singer/songwriters.  When the performance are over, he will be choosing to sleep on people’s couches and floors instead of forking over money to stay in a hotel.  While being out on tour, he will engage and interact with some of the most incredible people that want to help.  For example, Korenich talked about one person in particular during his last tour.  The booker at the place where Korenich performed in Muncie, Indiana offered him to come stay at his place for the night.  It was pretty common for the booker to allow artists and bands to crash at his place, so they wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping arrangements.  When Korenich arrived to the housing of the booker, he saw what is common used as the band room.

“He opened the door to a big room with bunk beds, pull out couch, a couple of little practice amps.  He said the door is open, front door is unlocked-help yourself,” Korenich recalls.

Accounts like this is just one of many that like Korenich get to experience-and there is no better feeling than that.  This past September, he released his first EP Change Of Pace.

Growing up in one of the suburbs of Pittsburgh, North Hills, Korenich played in bands throughout his time in high school.  When he attended Ohio University, he continued performing with several bands.  Although the groups he played in never really took, the aspiration of being a full-time musician became clearer.  Especially after reading Our Band Could Be Your Life.

“Hearing about Black Flag touring constantly and just scrapping by, but doing it because they loved it.  That kind of stuff really stuck with me, and really made me want to go on tour whenever I was a freshman in high school,” Korenich exclaims.

In his senior year at Ohio, Korenich was fortunate enough to be part of a group of students in the School of Media Arts & Studies that were making short films.  A troupe of 24 students took part in producing/directed the short movie Monhegan Light that took place at Monhegan Island, Maine.  Based on the short story written by author Richard Russo, Monhegan Light tells the story of Hollywood cinematographer Martin.  Out of nowhere, Martin receives a painting that is a panting of his now deceased wife.  He soon discovers who the artist is behind the painting, which leads him to go to Monhegan Island.  While being at the island, Martin will discover the truth, along with finding out details about his wife that he never imagined could be true.  Filmed on location at Monhegan Island for 8 days in early spring of 2013, the 25-minute film is visually beautiful, and the acting is extraordinary.  With the money raised from a successful campaign on Indiegogo, Korenich composed all the music with the movie. In return to getting the opportunity to record what would become the EP Change Of Pace, Korenich cooked all the meals for the crew and actors on set.

“I made some pretty decent meals from time to time,” Korenich said.  “The last night we were there, I got to cook fresh lobster right out of the ocean.”

Each song of the EP Change Of Pace is crafted to indie movie soundtrack perfection with some compelling storytelling.  Soft harmonies, along with Korenich’s deep vocals accompany the pleasing instrumentals are spellbinding.  Korenich nails the tone of each moment that comes along not only in Monhegan Light, but in our everday life.  The 6 songs complement each other with such ease and fluidity.  According to Korenich, the EP title was representative of what was going on during that time in his life.  He was starting to be a solo artist when his previous band The Beauregards decided to cease writing songs.  Another big leap Korenich has taken recently is moving from his hometown to Toledo.  The relocating has proved to be successful as he now getting to work with musicians like Zach Shipps from Electric Six.

As he now goes on his own path of being a full-time musician, the future is bright for Korenich.  Plans to release later this spring the debut LP of Korenich’s What a Weird Thing on vinyl.  A more expansive tour is being worked on, which could possibly have stops ranging to the West Coast.  When he was a freshman in high school, Korenich picked up the book Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981-1991.  The book explored influential bands like Black Flag, The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr. to start paving the way for other alternative/indie rock bands to succeed.  Without having little to no mainstream success, the artists featured in Michael Azerrad’s book found ways to continue making a living as full-time musicians through constant touring and records released on small, regional independent record labels.

It’s good to see that Korenich paid close attention to what was written.

Tim Korenich will be performing at Blind Bob’s Sunday night, along with Jacob Combs and Brandon Hawk.

To listen to Change Of Pace, and the new single “Darlin'” click on Korenich’s Bandcamp site:  http://timkorenich.bandcamp.com/


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