In a world where anonymity is far being a possibility, Detroit’s own PALACES have somehow pulled off the unthinkable and have gone perfected the art.  Before speaking with the two-membered crew, who call themselves Cat Cobra and S.S., little was found by me on them.  When it came to our conversation, though, I was able to learn more about the duo.

1.) PALACES was formed in part due to unfortunate circumstances.

Meeting Cat Cobra via his girlfriend working at the same retail store, S.S. would also start to see him during shows.  Being on the same bill from time to time, actually working on music together wouldn’t come until 2011.  “I was living in Chicago and when I came back, I wanted to record with my old band; Cat was going to record us,” S.S. mentions.  When the members of the group never showed and having never played together, Cobra and S.S. ended up jamming since they had the day open.  The demos recorded intrigued them and decided to continue going further with seeing what else they could do.

2.) PALACES were briefly a three member band.

For six months, PALACES experimented with having a drummer play with them.  The time being a three person ensemble was quickly broken up a short time later.  “We found it there was a lot more chemistry between the two of us,” Cobra said.  “Adding a third person was kinda extra layer that didn’t improve things.  S.S. added:  “It’s easier to tour with two people.”  Plans for adding another member hasn’t been completely tossed out, but don’t expect it anytime soon.

3.) The band’s singles will be part of their LP that is currently in progress.

In a clever way to keep people from drifting away and stay focused, Palaces released two singles in 2015, “Axiomatic/Let Me Get Higher” and “Dust/Telephone”.  On January 18th, PALACES released their latest single “Glisten & Trip/Still Romantic”.  Later this year, the singles are planned to be released as part of PALACES LP.  The songs all contain elements of 80s new wave with droney vocals, creating an element of lo-fi shoegaze that is simply hard to resist.

4.)  The band would much rather play outside of Detroit more.

The duo of PALACES mention that with the music scene in Detroit expanding more and more into hip hop, their brand of music doesn’t truly fit within the Detroit city limits.  “We kinda fit in-between a lot stuff,” Cobra mentions.  Playing out of town shows during extended weekends have been more suitable. S.S. is quick to add:  “I much rather play in NYC once every few months than play 5 times here.”  With booking shows within the state and outside, Palaces see that they don’t have too many issues pop up.  “It is easy for us to jump on shows.  We have had a lot of luck,” Cobra says.  “Being two people, we don’t take much stage space.”

Palaces will be performing at Blind Bob’s Friday, January 29th at Blind Bob’s and January 30th at MOTR in Cincinnati.

To hear more of PALACES, click onto their Bandcamp page:


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