kevin-carterLocal hip hop artist K. Carter has a tendency to have live shows that are special and unique.  This Sunday, his latest performance promises to continue proving so.  Titled “#NBX Live at the Black Box Theater”, K. Carter has partnered with Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley to include a food drive to raise awareness of the organization and benefit their food pantry operation.  Collaborating with CSSMV was a no-brainer in Carter’s eyes. “They are right around the corner from where I grew up,” said Carter.  “I know they do good work ­ the kind of work that impacts people from my old neighborhood.”

The Choice Food Pantry, one of over a dozen initiatives by Catholic Social Services, is the busiest food distribution pantry in the Greater Dayton area.  Annually, the pantry assist over 18,000 adults and children.  A majority of their clients include the following: working poor, seniors, transitional welfare, recipients, the temporaily unemployed.  Forty percent who benefit from the food program are children.  Carter says organizations like Catholic Social Services are a critical resource to people who want to succeed.  ““My music, and my philosophy­what I call the ‘#NBX movement’­are about being able to succeed, pursue happiness, and be yourself, wherever you are, no matter who you are, no matter your circumstance,” said Carter. “The reality of the matter is some people just need a hand up on their journey to success, and that’s why I want my show to highlight the kind of work Catholic Social Services does.”

“#NBX Live” setup will include K.Carter playing music from his standout album 2013’s Revenge of the Nerd along with new songs from his upcoming album (R)hythm (A)nd (P)oetry Music.  Carter’s fun-natured attitude lyrically on top of sizzling beats bounce around his influences of neo-soul and rap.  The show will also feature the group Fy’ah Stah’tahs, Yvette “Diva” Williams, and Valerie Brown.  The show also coincides with the launch of the artist’s new website,

“I’m pumped to announce my new site and the show at the same time,” Carter said. “There’s a lot of momentum behind the arts scene in Dayton, and I’m glad to be a part of it, and now my fans have a one­stop shop for my music and what’s happening with the #NBX movement.”

#NBX Live at the Black Box Theater is Sunday starting at 7pm.  Attendees who bring a non­perishable food item will pay only $5, rather than the $10 dollar ticket price for entry into the show.


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