Oh…where do I begin?!

(A pic of myself.  Look at those boyish good looks.)

(A pic of myself. Look at those boyish good looks.)

My name is Tommy Johnson, and I just want to thank you for coming here and checking out the website.

I have been writing for most of life.  When I was a young lad, I was part of these small groups that were part of a youth organization in my hometown of Jamestown, Ohio.  The organization is 4-H.  The goal of being a part of 4-H was, according the website, ‘to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential learning programs and a positive youth development approach’.  Pretty much you would pick something to do and be judged, with the possibility to move forward to being judged more at the Ohio State Fair.  I wrote a couple of short stories that were received with rave reviews with the folks that read them.  My prize for the most part was a ribbon and the feeling that I wasn’t really scrutinized.  I was fortunate enough to be able to have some of my work sent to the big leagues at the state fair.  It was then when I realized that I possibly had a future of writing more ahead of me.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago, and the thrill of putting pen to paper transitioned to fingers typing on a keyboard while I stared at a small screen.  The love of writing really came back on a beautiful October fall night while I was enjoying a couple of beverages with friends.

I moved to Dayton about 10+ years ago while I was working in radio.  While becoming a local, I would go around town to hole-in-the-wall establishments.  I would drink up some cheap beers, and take in bands and solo acts that would perform.  I became intrigued and enamored with the amazing talent that was in Dayton.  I then dug in deeper, collecting experiences with events I would attend and people that I would meet.  Everyone and everything that I came across had a sense of pure ecstasy and hope for what Dayton was and is becoming.  It was hard to not fall in line with the type of thinking, and I soon became one of them.

I soon began my journey of wanting to give people who were on the outside looking in.  People will come to me all the time and explain that they didn’t think there was much going on in the city.  I wanted to show those people that not only they were wrong, but there is so much more.  I started to write and tell the stories about the bands and artists that were playing at the local establishments.  I started highlighting the local shops that have as much charm to them then some big box corporations.  I began to relay to all that would listen what I was experiencing.  I started this website to give Dayton and the people, events, activities a spotlight.

I write for Dayton Most Metro, and Music Connection-Dayton.  I have the ability to go and have two amazing platforms to feature amazing bands and artists that make up the Dayton music scene.  I also write about the great people that continue to make the Gem City special by showing off their work and their own passion.

I love being a freelance writer.  This is single handily one of the most thrilling jobs that anyone can have.  I mean, I get to chance to give you the opportunity to see what myself and others see on a daily basis.

I hope that when you read my work that you get a glimpse of the attractiveness and upside that Dayton provides.  I hope to bring you more in the near future, so please continue to keep coming back and reading my work. If you think I need to check out something, let me know.  I want to eventually make this website one of the main sites you come to each and every day.

If you have gotten this far, you deserve a medal.  And a hug.


Tommy Johnson


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